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Our mission is to make energy efficiency projects possible by helping overcome the common implementation roadblocks such as large up-front costs and performance risk. Lumens Energy enables contractors and service providers to offer customers a turnkey seamless solution to upgrade buildings with no up-front cost.
Why Lumens Energy?
Lumens Energy focuses in providing resources where it matters. Energy is a basic need. Energy efficiency projects attack the constant cost creep experienced when depending on such primary needs. According to numerous independent studies, a typical energy efficiency project provides an average savings of more than 30% of its annual energy costs. Energy expenditures are one of the largest items for most commercial buildings, which often make up more than 50% of its operating expenses.
With figures so compelling, why is it that so few steps have been taken towards efficiency measures? The need for up-front capital, overall project complexity, and in vast cases the split incentives between building owners and their tenants preclude such opportunities from getting off the ground. Lumens Energy’s solution circumvents these roadblocks.

Chaya Nourafchan

Chaya was assistant investment officer at Marbridge Energy Finance Fund LLC, an alternative investment fund focused on financing competitive retail energy companies. At Marbridge, Mrs. Nourafchan’s responsibilities included investor relations, credit quality analysis, risk management and general operations. Mrs. Nourafchan’s prior experience includes working at NERA Economic Consulting (a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan) as an economic analyst on securities litigation matters and serving as analyst to the chief economist of the Israel Securities Authority. Mrs. Nourafchan graduated from Touro College in 2007 with a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

Isaac Barber

Isaac is a successful entrepreneur with extensive energy and asset management experience. Mr. Barber Co-founded Crius Energy LLC (TSX: KWH-U) in 2009, and served on its Board 
of Directors and Executive Committee until its IPO in November 2012. Mr. Barber oversaw Crius’s growth into one of the largest independent energy retailers in the United States. Mr. Barber also served as portfolio manager at Platinum Partners focused on underwriting debt investments. Mr. Barber’s responsibilities included sourcing, negotiating and underwriting secured loans to public mining companies, trade finance to retail energy companies, asset-backed loans to consumer finance companies, and loans against healthcare receivables. Mr. Barber also served as a managing partner of Marbridge Energy Finance Fund LLC, an alternative investment fund focused on financing competitive retail energy companies. Mr. Barber’s prior experience includes working as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Mr. Barber holds a Bachelor of Science from Touro College in New York.

Michael Katz

Michael is a serial entrepreneur investor and operator. Mr. Katz was a founding Partner at Greener Capital (now EFW partners), an investment firm actively investing in young technology companies and infrastructure in the resource cross section between Energy, Water & Food. Katz was also CEO of ORYXE a venture backed a down stream O&G additive company based on more than 20 patents with operations in the USA, Mexico, and Asia, securing major fortune 500 customers such as Valero (NYSE: VLO), Nustar (NYSE: NSH) and Sunoco (NYSE: SUN). Michael was also the founder and CEO of Walstone Realty Group, a turnkey real estate development and investment firm in leisure real estate across Mexico and Central America. Michael also Co-founded BTM a franchise retail coffee shop targeting teenagers in urban areas.  Katz has also held leadership and advisory roles in Hipotecaria Nacional, Mexico’s largest mortgage bank, Aerolineas Marcos, Plasticos Olimpia and Mooney Aviation. Katz has lived and worked in Italy and France.  Michael is a frequent speaker at Latin American, energy, and venture investment conferences, is a CleanTech mentor and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University.
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